March 14, 2019

MUJI's GACHA is a social-first autonomous shuttle bus

MUJI Gacha autonomous driving

MUJI’s GACHA (pronounced “gotcha”) is the lifestyle brand’s foray into redefining the future of travel. The project is a partnership with Finnish-based autonomous driving company, Sensible 4. MUJI’s main goals were to create a solution for an aging population, people living in suburbs, and those with undeveloped transportation systems. The result is an interesting social-first bus concept.

How does it work?

  • the self-driving system follows an existing route via a digital map
  • an app allows for instant location monitoring
  • it has the added benefit of being a point of social connection and service such as a mobile supermarket or store

Our thoughts
GACHA is a unique type of solution for those in less populated areas or those seeking convenience. It could have a significant impact on changing the community’s social fabric in areas with underdeveloped infrastructre. MUJI has been known for its simplicity in design and for paring things down through balanced minimalism, something the GACHA embodies.

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