March 15, 2019

Fortnite has become today's hottest social media network

fortnite is a video game that has social media like features

Fortnite is today’s hottest social media network, in spite of it not being a network to begin with. The gaming sensation attracts over 200 million users, with nearly 8 million on at any given time. Compared to other social media behemoths, these are astounding engagement metrics and others could learn a thing or two.

Fortnite as a third space

The game acts as a third space for gamers (especially younger) to discuss and interact. Compared to other social media platforms where social aspects are best enjoyed alone (scroll through a feed), users engage with each other during and between games. In addition, Fortnite gamers can easily mute trolls to focus on more positive aspects of the experience, reducing bullying in the process. This ultimately creates a safe space for people to play, interact and grow, and provides a much needed relief from everyday life.

Gaming: A Source For Good?

We’ve already know that gaming is the world’s hottest commodity, but is there more to it than eyeballs? In hindsight, games like Fortnite should be eye opening for social media platforms across the world. Rather than alienating users through the experience, humans bound together better through a shared activity. Perhaps this will spur more platforms to rethink how they work and empower users to build more together instead.

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