January 31, 2019

"How to Record a Simple Co-Hosted Podcast Today" — Part 1: Creating Decent Audio

We recently got a request on Slack via Jeremy L. asking how we record MAEKAN It Up now that Charis is in London. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you achieve a respectable standard of audio. Naturally, you can always go higher-end with better mics and more equipment but that sort of defeats the purpose of testing and simply “doing.”

The co-host dynamic is most critical here, more so than the audio quality itself, since the relatively low prices of simple equipment has made the hardware tools more accessible. The following is the process we’ve adopted.

The Steps

  1. Download a mobile app that allows you to record high(er) quality audio files (ideally 24-bit, 48Khz WAV).
  2. Get a set of headphones with a mic (naturally, this is THE MOST bootleg minimum).
  3. Get a set of over-the-ear headphones.
  4. Call your co-host on Skype/Google Chat Hangouts with video and via a computer and make sure that you can hear each other through the speakers.
  5. Hit record on your phone app.
  6. Tell your co-host to put their mic close to their laptop speakers.
  7. Clap once, wait a sec, clap again (two claps).
  8. Then plug your headphones into your computer.
  9. Finish recording and then export your audio and edit.
  10. When you match it up in post-production, use the “clap spikes” to sync

What to Do After the Recording? 
What you’ve done is create two “cold tracks” that exist offline. It ensures clean audio, and while an inline mic isn’t great, it’s better than any onboard computer mic and a crappy compressed MP3 recording. Also since both tracks are clean (there isn’t sound bleeding over), you can cut and rearrange quite easily.

Apps/Things to Download

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