March 8, 2018

The future of food as imagined by Ikea

The data’s a bit dated, but a few years ago, Ikea was reported to be approaching over 150 million of their iconic Swedish meatballs. The company has become known just as much for their (controversially disposable) furniture as a tasty option for a quick bite on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The Ikea meatball has become its own sort of cultural icon and was subject to a modernization three years ago under the project name, “Tomorrow’s Meatball.”

Enter “Neatball,” a continued evolution of Ikea’s fabled meatball
New insect and root vegetable meatball variations were recently unveiled by Ikea’s innovation arm, Space10. These new options join the existing pork-based original meatball as well as newer vegan and chicken options introduced in 2015. The neatballs were part of a broad exploration of familiar foods reminagined with new and sustainable ingredients. It all forms part of Ikea’s desire to push the boundaries of deliciously sustainable food for the future.

Could Ikea play a pivotal role in shifting consumer perception?
Ikea’s forward-thinking approach has seen it move past just being a furniture purveyor. Progressive collaborations have allowed it become a future-proof lifestyle company. Its ability to tackle the looming problem of food availability poses an interesting solution. Ikea seemingly has a confluence of important factors including mainstream visibility, distribution, and vision.

In the next three decades, the world is anticipated to increase its supply needs by 70%. Let’s hope visionary and well-capitalized brands like Ikea shift away from easy-to-build furniture into solving one of humanity’s great challenges.

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